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Abby X Josh 7/8/2013
Abby X Josh 7/8/2013
Lark - Abby X Josh 7/8/2013

Considering a puppy?

Obtaining a puppy should be a well-planned event. It is not a decision that is made quickly and without careful  forethought and planning. Each family member must be on the same page and agree to a new addition to their home. Also, each family member must agree to take responsibility for the chores and activities associated with puppies and eventually a grown dog.  The Josh X Abby breeding was planned with high expectations of producing high quality, performance-driven, show and field pups.

Lipan Creek Kennels requires a puppy application (please contact us for application), deposit and signed contract. Homes without appropriate yard and fencing for a German Shorthaired Pointer will not be considered.We will ask questions about why you are interested in a German Shorthaired Pointer, your lifestyle, where the puppy will live, availability of an exercise area and your future plans and expectations for your puppy. We want our buyers to be the best informed and well prepared to care for a new puppy. 

We are eager to learn exactly what our prospective buyers are looking for in a pup. We spend time developing trust between buyer and seller and evaluating our puppies for the suitability of their new homes.  All pups are temperament tested at 7 weeks and evaluated for working and show potential. Puppies will go to their homes 8 weeks of age, or older.

We reserve the right to refuse placement of our pups with anyone at any time. We will gladly refund deposits if we are not comfortable that we have the right puppy for the right buyer. 

All puppies will go home with a puppy packet including a written health guarantee, feeding instructions, microchip, a litter pedigree with pictures of sire, dam and puppy, a signed contract, and AKC registration form.

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